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CLSQL Version 3.7.1 Released

Provides a minor bug fix for AllegroCL's lowercase lisp reader, mlisp.

Also, special thanks to Christophe Rhodes, frequent contributor to SBCL's MOP, for his excellent suggestion in response to a question for improving CLSQL's MOP internals: CLSQL object definitions use custom slot types. For example, a CLSQL slot may have :type (varchar 10) specified which gets translated to a lisp type of (or null string). Rather than parsing and then re-storing the type atrribute of a slot in compute-effective-slot-definiton, Christophe suggested performing the type parsing in initialize-instance :around of the CLSQL direct-slot-definition object. Then, the real type attribute is stored in the both the direct and effective slot definition from the beginning.This is more AMOP complaint since AMOP doesn't specify that one may change the type attribute of a slot. This is clearly seen since CLSQL no longer needs to modify OpenMCL's ccl:type-predicate slot attribute after the type was changed in compute-effective-slot-definition.

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