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December 4, 2004

SBCL-AMD64 Disassembly

With Dan Barlow's SBCL AMD64 initial backend and Juho Snellman's fixes, I took some time to work on its disassembler. It's been interesting to read the AMD64 technical documentation as well as see the wide registers being used by SBCL.

CL-USER(1): (disassemble 'car)
; 0109DB80:       .ENTRY "top level local call CAR"(LIST)     ; (FUNCTION # *)
;       B0:       488F45F0         POP QWORD PTR [RBP-16]
;       B4:       488D65C0         LEA RSP, [RBP-64]
;       B8:       488BD9           MOV RBX, RCX
;       BB:       488BF2           MOV RSI, RDX
;       BE:       4883FB08         CMP RBX, 8
;       C2:       752C             JNE L0
;       C4:       488BC6           MOV RAX, RSI
;       C7:       40240F           AND AL, 15
;       CA:       403C07           CMP AL, 7
;       CD:       7526             JNE L1
;       CF:       488BC6           MOV RAX, RSI
;       D2:       488B50F9         MOV RDX, [RAX-7]
;       D6:       488B4DF0         MOV RCX, [RBP-16]
;       DA:       488B45F8         MOV RAX, [RBP-8]
;       DE:       4883C103         ADD RCX, 3
;       E2:       488BE5           MOV RSP, RBP
;       E5:       488BE8           MOV RBP, RAX
;       E8:       FFE1             JMP ECX                                                     

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